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Why Create A Triangle of Light? Here's What Members Say:

I want to be in as many triangles as I can join to serve; the feeling of joy is amazing!

To shine a light on everyone on earth

My soul’s purpose harmonizes with this intention. One vision and focus can make miracles.

To help create positive, new and creative light energy for the world.

I want to contribute my energy and essence to raising the vibration of the planet and to assist in the awakening and healing of mass consciousness

I believe we can make a shift in the consciousness of humanity when we join together and hold a focus of Love & Light.

I would like to help promote peace and good will in every aspect of my being and would like to be with people who share that same vision in the path of light course.

I love the thought of sending love and light to the world.

I am an energy medicine practitioner and have been initiated into Diksha.

I am seeking connection with others who are on the path of light to be able to serve humanity in greater world peace. I want to make a difference!

I am a light worker, and need to find like-minded people to serve, and serve with love and light!!

To assist in anchoring the love and light upon the face of our Planet for healing and creation of New World energies for all.

I am called to be an energy healer and light worker. My participation in Triangles of Light would add tremendously to what I have set as my goal in life. I am here to learn all that I can.

A friend sent me an e-mail about your site. I am a light worker, and this is a fantastic idea in order to join together in prayer and bring more light into our world!

To do “good” thru out the world and improve the world.

To serve, and serve my duty, and also to feel the joy my wife radiates, from within!

I want to be able to help raise the vibration of the planet by sending love and light.

I am already a member of Triangles in Rio de Janeiro

I believe in the power of the Great Invocation

I believe this is something positive we can do that connects us all for the greater good.

To share in the spreading of love & light to the world.

A person in my group sent a link. .This is my way of serving humanity and plus I love doing this!

I am already in 2 triangles it simply is the calling of my soul to bring more light , love, joy and happiness into the world (thank you for creating this opportunity)

To send light and love throughout the world to help Earth and everyone advance to higher vibrations to bring humanity closer to the Source

When I saw the triangles, I felt a sense of peace and want to be a part of.

To be a member of the New World Servers and aid them in sending out the message of the Great Invocation as a service to increase the light of humanity

Jean's email (from Triangles of Ligjht)  has given me renewed hope and commitment; thank you jean for your love and care

I wish to help out and make a triaingle shine brightly

I want to help anywhere possible for all humanity and to serve GOD.

I believe that group work is very powerful and that we can create a shift if the consciousness of humanity when hold a focus of love and light.

This is a more 'real' way to connect to others who are ready and willing.

I think this is an amazing idea, which has unlimited potential to help people connect with common goals of healing, love, peace, and blessings.

To share and enhance to power of Love

To connect with the energies of the universe to bring love and compassion to myself and others and i believe in a small way i can help to shift the energies of the world toward a love filled compassionate higher path

To help heal the world

Joining energies with others of light will amplify our intent to assist in raising consciousness of humans and oneness of all on this planet so that we may take the next evolutionary step, and heal all the pain and negativity present and past on this planet

To connect my good intentions with other souls in order to transform humanity and the earth

I want to be part of the goodwill, I believe in the power of thought, prayer or meditation

One way I can help this worlds desperate situation!!

I do the invocation daily and would like to link up by internet also

I believe that, we are all children of light and seekers of light. I would like to serve as a beacon of light.

I need to be a part of the healing and light of the world

Humanity needs a boost of light and I definitely cannot do it alone

It's a powerful service to all Humanity and me personally

I want to be a part of the healing of the universe and specifically our world. I have been studying the "Rainbow Bridge" and feel this would be a perfect companion work.

I'm already joining one and it seems like a good idea to be part of another one as well, to help make a triangle. I really enjoy this work and I will do everything possible to be a part of creating a world manifesting love and harmony in unlimited ways. Thanks LaUna and Jean for making this possible.

I asked Spirit for ways to radiate my love and light in the world, as the saying goes "ask and you will receive" so I am excited to add another prayer and intention to my daily practice to bring love light peace and harmony to our beautiful earth.

I believe in the power of like minds being able to create peace. I have been in groups which meditated for world peace, but maybe only once a year. This gives me the opportunity to keep focused, allowing my life to change and to pass it on.

I purchased a computer 1.5 years ago to be in a triangle. Want to be in another one with family.

I feel that my primary reason for being on this planet is to assist in our planetary and spiritual evolution; this has been my driving interest for as long as I can remember. I want to play an active part in helping to heal this world, and bring others to the joy of Light and Love. :-)

I would like to contribute to this group work to expand the light and love and goodwill in the world and to humanity.

I believe that linking with others to hold a focus of light creates great shifts in consciousness on earth.

To send Healing Energies to those who request it, in an even more focused/powerful way by joining together with two others of like mind/heart and commitment to do this work

I like to spread love, light & healing however I can. I know that the computer is an awesome conductor of energy also.

To help spread the light, life and love of God to our world. I intend to be a part of the change our world needs.

I am here to spread the Christ consciousness light to all living things

I am meditating on The Great Invocation and want to join the energy of others who are doing the same.

There is power in connecting as One. In this connection, we can move mountains.

To set my intention each day at a higher vibration and to send healing light to the planet.

I think this is a very important way we can anchor Light to earth and pray for all its inhabitants, and all beings in the Universe.

I believe that thoughts travel, and if i can send more love out into the universe the world will be a better place to live. Love conquers all.

I want to be in the light with others. I want to use and share light healing with others. I would like to work, learn and share with other light workers worldwide. I would like to grow in light...

I feel so much joy whenever I hear a refrain of the great invocation in my mind, I'm eager to join a third triangle.

I believe in the power of thought and prayer and believe collectively people can enhance this world for ourselves and future generations.

Bring Peace, Love and Compassion to the Earth and Humanity, being of Service to God!

Connecting to Source through a group strengthens the Will and Intent of service ... daily connection is such a beautiful way to serve as well as a reminder in my daily thoughts and works!

To help lift the vibration of souls for enlightenment and healing of earth

To help all humans to form a soul connection in this life and know a sense of peace and connection

We are all one and I want to contribute to making our beautiful Planet a better and more peaceful place so that all fellow travelers are able to live in joy and harmony. Working with sacred geometry myself, makes me aware of the powerful energy of the Triangles of Light.

To be a part of World Peace and prayer. for healing, love, peace through out the Universe...

I believe the world needs as much help as we can all give it to survive.