Triangles: Spiritual World Service

Triangles is a worldwide network of light to distribute spiritual energies in response to the true needs of humanity. Three people link each day for a brief creative meditation. Create a new Triangle and invite two friends to join with you, or join a triangle with an open point of light. Triangles are international with members from more than 35 countries.

Light up your triangle each day (online if possible). The spiritual energy flowing through Triangles creates a channel of light for spiritual forces to reach humanity. When you have six light ups registered, you may join or create an additional Online Triangle. As long as you keep lighting up a minimum of six times each month, you are welcome to add new Triangles. To join a triangle or start a new one, click here. (If you do not see an open space in a triangle with "Join Now" - start a new one and two others will soon join you. (We do not sell or trade your email or home address.) To learn about the Great Invocation, click here.

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